Yoga with Reva

Yoga with Reva

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Reva found yoga through an assignment in massage school. For this self-care project, she was asked try something healing that we had never done before. That’s when she found herself in her first ever yoga class. She loved how the practice made her feel both powerful and peaceful; how it brought a sense of presence that she had never experienced before. Reva was hooked!

Hatha sparked curiosity, leading her to expand her practice and explore other styles of yoga. Reva was drawn to the creativity and dance of Vinyasa and started to dive down the rabbit hole.  Her first big plunge to deepen her studies came with the completion of a 200 hour Power Vinyasa teacher training with CorePower Yoga. She later traveled to Bali for her second 200 hour teacher training in Hatha Yoga with Akasha Yoga Academy learning the history and philosophy of this sacred practice. This adventure enriched her teaching style and showed her that there is always more to learn!

When Reva first began her journey into yoga, many Moons ago, it was all about the exercise. She had always been an athletic kid and yoga was just another way to get her heart pumping. She didn’t realize that it was working it’s way into every corner of her life until pausing to reflect. The study of Yin yoga opened up a whole new doorway. Reva has found tremendous benefit in slowing down and listening. She took a 70hr Insight Yoga training with Sarah Powers which drastically changed her approach to practice and teaching. Practicing Yang postures with a Yin mentality can help you feel more connected to your practice.

After a serious car accident in 2018, Reva found herself in a hospital with 3 ruptured vertebra and underwent spinal fusion surgery. This was beyond scary at the time but, once the initial fear of being paralyzed had passed, she was overwhelmed with gratitude. Reva had the tools of yoga and meditation and was literally able to heal herself. Once she was able to do the physical work again, she participated in a Trauma Informed Restorative Yoga training with Jodi Boone. It is truly incredible what the power of yoga can do and Reva feels so lucky that she can help others on their path of recovery too!

Reva loves sharing her passion for yoga with her students. She has found a lot of balance in her own practice by blending together the flow of Vinyasa and the focus of Hatha. The stillness and reflection of Yin allows more presence in active practice. Restorative yoga helps to calm the nervous system and allows the body to regenerate on a cellular level. Reva believes that all styles of yoga are beneficial! She offers a well-rounded and creative approach, with dynamic classes that are sure to energize and inspire!