Trauma Mammal

Trauma Mammal

The chance for spiritual elevation and enlightenment through electronic music

Jamestown, Virginia

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On October 1st 2012 a young man was in a near fatal motorcycle crash. When he awoke in the intensive care unit in Richmond Virginia he did not wake alone. While in a medically induced coma, an extra-dimensional being inhabited the humans body to seek refuge and to give the human the strength needed to survive. They awoke to the sounds of medical equipment, the screams of other patients and the fragmented conversations of medical professionals.

In the trauma ward they assign each patient a name. Each starts with “TRAUMA” for the ward where they reside, along with a random alphabetical designation. This patient was assigned the name “TRAUMA MAMMAL” and the extra-dimensional being took that name as “his” own. Since Trauma Mammal speaks only through the humans subconscious and is unable to communicate with human speech, He expresses himself through song, using electronic equipment to convey his message.