the klown

The Klown

DJ Sets: Breaks, Glitch, Global Bass, Trap
Original Music and Live Performances

Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

The Klown Website

Hailing from Las Vegas, The Klown is the founder of the Circus Metropolus and Gooferman kults, a veteran agent of Vau de Vire Society, a marginally talented musician and DJ, a semi-accomplished event producer/promoter (Trapeze Worldwide, Bohemian Carnival, etc), co-founder of Burning Man’s Red Nose District, and third-place first-degree white-belt karate superstar via a 6-week YMCA program many years ago. He’s compromised too many festival and event stages to face at this point — from EDC to Bumbershoot to the Super Bowl and whatever’s in between — as well as trounced live music and DJ-centric clubs up, down and all around the nation. With an accelerator plagued by sticking issues and a keen sense of not much, The Klown is one renaissance ape you should consider keeping a third eye on, for better or for worse, amen.