Squeaks with SQWURL

Squeaks with SQWURL

LIVE from Lake Tahoe, California

Every Tuesday
10:00pm-12:00am PST
1:00am-3:00am EST

Lake Tahoe, California


Hi there tree people!! The names SQWURL! Originally from Mississippi now in Lake Tahoe! SQWURL Sounds are inspired by Nature and OuterSpace with a load of heavy gritty Bass sounds, melodic movements, and throwing in a dash of Glitch and upbeat. Also I’m here for promoting the Love and feeling music brings you when immersed in the sound. Also being with friends and family while enjoying a Visual and Auditory “Tree Spaced” out experience makes my heart warm. The Love of music came early in childhood as my mom was a piano teacher and plays at churches still to this day! I thank her for everything. When I first heard EDM I knew I wanted to make it in my own style and now I’m here putting in the effort and loving every minute of it!! My favorite part of making music is sound design and bringing people together <3. A show with SQWURL is definitely an upbeat energizing time with lots of emotion! Love you guys and see you on the BASSfloor!!!!
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