Sonic Devas

Full Show Production Recording from Wisdome In Los Angeles

Los Angeles, CA, USA

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Sonic Devas is part transformational music concert and part sound meditation experience. We lead you through a dynamic journey of soundscapes, mantra and medicine songs, nature environments, original compositions and songs designed to bring you into a state of bliss and transcendence. This all woman group of professional musicians, sound healers and community leaders weave their voices over a variety of unique instrumentation. The purpose of this group is to assist in deepening meditation practice, to transcend ordinary states and help people relax into the moment. Participation and singing is encouraged by attendees to collectively raise the consciousness of not only the space, but to assist in setting intention to raise the positive vibration of the planet. In a deep state of relaxation and meditation you will hear harmonizing voices, tibetan and crystal bowls, flutes, harp, chimes, monochord, gongs, didgeridoo, hang and tongue drums, frame drums, synth soundscapes and more. Come experience the magic of transformational sound and deeply listen.