Sander Bos

Sander Bos Art

3D Animations and Digital Painting

The Netherlands

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Sander Bos is a Dutch multimedia artist. His endeavors vary from painting with oils and acrylics to 3D animation and virtual reality environments. He sees the artist as a mediator between the visible and the invisible realities. By making these dimensions visible, a new view on reality can be attained by the viewer. Planting seeds of consciousness exploration and expansion, reclaiming our endless creative force and dissolving perceptual limitations are his ambitions driving his creative journey. Ultimately he envisions expanded self- realization and spiritual growth through his artwork. By integrating digital 3D Renderings into his paintings, a kind of “Digital Fusionism” is born. Exploring new aesthetics and possibilities with these new media is a logical next step in the evolution of visionary art, making him one of the visionary art pioneers of this time and age.