House music, Trance, DnB and Techno

Los Angeles, CA, USA

SAMR Mixcloud

My name is Samer and live in Lancaster California . The first Rave that I ever went to was in 1995, in Los Angeles. Before that I was a big fan of House, Techno and Trance. I started To DJ in 1997 and put on some events in the L.A. area with E- Mazing Productions.

In 1999, I started to work at a Record Shop called DMC Records on Melrose. I loved working there. The only downfall was that I would spend most of my paychecks on records. Lol. It was a great place for a young DJ to network and meet other people that shared my same interest in music. It also allowed me to play at many different events and clubs.

I eventually stop working for DMC Record retail store and became part of the One7Crew after E-Mazing Production broke up. To this day the One7Crew thrives under a Record label called One7Audio. I love playing and listening to House Music. It’s been a passion of mine for a really long time.

In 2001, I ended up moving from L.A. back to my hometown of Palmdale. Two years later, some friends and I started a local weekly called Sugar Lounge. The style of music was DnB and House. Shortly after that, the scene got bigger in the Lancaster area and I was able to play at a quite a few desert events. In 2008, I got promoted as a Retail Manager and relocated with the wonderful woman I married to San Diego County.

I was able to play a few small events in San Diego, but nothing big. From that point on until late September 2021 of last year, I took a break from deejaying. As I got back into Deejaying I started producing again and released an EP called Make It Happen with One7Audio Records. Also have more tracks releasing in the near future. So I’ve been a DJ off and on for 25 years. Time does fly.