Drum & Bass (and other styles of electronic music here and there) show – Reviving a former radio show in a live video format

Oakland, California

SALEX is a classically and jazz trained multi-instrumentalist turned DJ/Producer of abstract filthy bass & drums music. SALEX has been a sought after jungle/dnb DJ for over 19 years traveling all over and is also the boss at Dark Side of Innocence Records. SALEX got a lot of notoriety over the years hosting popular radio shows and podcasts since 2003 starting in San Diego at KCR FM, and then in San Francisco with the #1 show Late Night Eargasm at Pirate Cat/Mutiny Radio, and then Bass Kiss on Binge UK, Emergency FM and Blue Velvet Radio UK. Initially known for intelligent jungle, now days their style is dark twisted with a deep funky vibe taking listeners on unique scifi journeys fueled by their current mood. Their original releases and remixes span all sorts of sonic realms from IDM, techno, ambient downtempo, breakbeats and jungle.