DJ: psy trance / goa trance / trance vinyl and digital


Amsterdam born dj / Skypeople music / MonkeyForestRecords

He came the first time in contact with electronic music in the 90s at squads and later TranceBuddah Amsterdam. Since this time he is addicted not only to the music but the parties, good vibes and people.

In his youth he played piano (including lessons) for 6 years – his love for music has started.

PSYGOGH started to play Psychedelic Trance at Simbiosis Studio, underground events, in several clubs in Holland and some bigger events like Full Moon Beach Party in 2018/2019. Nowadays he plays at different events/festivals in Europe and sometimes out of it. Like Goa Land and Kolla Festival Luxemburg, Om Kara Switzerland, Hai ein den Mai Germany, Magica Festival India, Psychedelic Way UK, and a lot of private parties in The Netherlands, Germany, England, Wales, India and Belgium.