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Poynt Too

Music – Drum and Bass

Tasmania, Australia

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For all his life, music has played an integral part. Being raised in a family where the father was a classical guitarist and mother was a pianist, Poynt Too has always been surrounded by music. At the age of 5 he remembers hearing Thriller by Michael Jackson and was mesmerised by the funky basslines. From then on music became his obsession and he started to learn how to play keyboard. With an interest in heavily synthesised music, he was always searching for a new sound. A sound he later discovered in the early 90’s rave scene.

A love for Graffiti and Hip Hop helped him to find DJing through a friend and he instantly fell in love with it. In the summer of ’96 he taught himself to mix on turntables and found a new home in the rave scene. His passion for music and DJing saw him mixing at parties and clubs with DJing slots in many Australian nightclubs. With a love for old school rave and jungle, Poynt Too started to learn the secrets of producing tracks using Reason and Cubase.

The now Father and Husband furthered his education with a Bachelors Degree in Audio Production at SAE and focused on a weekly worldwide Podcast “Freestyle Frolics”. A DJ podcast that ran successfully for over 3 years on Itunes with an emphasis on uptempo electronic dance genres. Armed with knowledge of the scene and an SAE education, Poynt Too has taken an open book approach to his music production. With an emphasis on broken beats and heavy basslines, Poynt Too may be new to the production scene but he is definitely one to watch. With an impeccable eye for detail and a sound that is refreshing in todays sometimes stale scene. Poynt Too has an energy when it comes to music. With it being such an important escape for him in his life, he welcomes the opportunity to help others escape with him through his exploration of sound.

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