Original Sets, DJ Sets, Visual Artist

Boston, Massachusetts

Phibonacci Website

Phibonacci has been in and around the rave scene since 2001. Having listened to electronic music since the mid nineties, the discovery of a culture centered around this genre felt like coming home. Phibonacci began primarily as a visual artist. For many years, music and dance drove her visual art practice as she evolved from live painting at raves from 2002-2004 to VJing from 2004-2006. Under the moniker, “VJ Phi”, she collaborated with members of the Glitchcrew and also performed at various local raves. Among some of her gigs were the Hammerstein Ballroom in NYC, the Burning Man festival, and Ultra Music Festival/WMC. VJ Phi was also one of two resident VJs at the Phoenix Landing for Wednesday night techno sessions in 2005.

While Phi enjoyed VJing, she always had a desire to be behind the decks as part of the kinesthetic experience of selecting music and moving the dance floor. She wanted to have a hand in the music that painted images in her mind. As such, Phibonacci was born out of the visual stylings of VJ Phi. Phibonacci learned how to DJ by feeling the patterns of the music through dance and by observing and listening to favorite local DJs. She purchased her first set of turntables in 2006 and began playing out regularly in 2012. Throughout her career as a DJ, she has played internationally and locally for Atari Safari, Mutiny, Live Free and Dance, Diehard on Decks, Rise, WZBC Green, WBRS, Infrasuoni, 30 Gedanken zum Tod, Vinyl Siding, Firefly Precom, Burning Man Decom, Kick It Recordings, 4orce Productions, Good Deed DJs and Beatdown Productions. Phibonacci has been a resident DJ with Beatdown Productions and Kick It Recordings (Subterra). Phibonacci is currently a resident DJ with Robot Haus and runs a UK Garage monthly in New England.