Paralitic Twins

Paralitic Twins

Group DJ Duo

Mexico City, Mexico

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Somewhere in Mexico City the inspiration in the Stars and a mixture of frequencies creates the beginning of this Psychedelic project.

Paralitic Twins: incorporates powerful bass, highly elaborate harmonies, attractive rifs, generally making use of arpeggios, they create cosmic harmonies with acoustic instruments and electric guitars, producing a euphoric and powerful sound Produced by digital scientists Leobardo Alejandro Garcia Carrillo and Alexis Jesus hernandez Rojas, their talent has led them to be on several top charts in the world as the beatport platform, hearthis, junodownload to name a few.

Their music is perfect to detonate in the woods and in any Rave they have shared the stage with figures like Absolum, Panayota, Natural Disaster, C.P.U, Timelock to name a few. This project is the type that will make you keep dancing and take your mind off this side plane.

They are currently signed under the labels EDM Records, PsyWorld Records and Alien Conspiracy. Paralitic Twins has been synthesizing waveforms in his laboratory for several years and mixing their own musical substance ready to detonate in this galaxy.