Mr. EyesLee - Ryan Eisele

Mr. EyesLee

Live / pre-recorded DJ sets

Boston, MA

“Living in the world of 160+ bpm breakbeats, Mr.EyesLee sees patterns in the drums and bass, and mixes music from deep in the jungle to bring liquid waves of melodic bliss. Once called a “”smooth operator”” for his extended blends and vocal interplay, his sets can range from atmospheric to footwork to soulful liquid rollers to bass heavy jungle, all to tell a mix-long story through music. Ever a dancefloor stalwart, he returned behind the decks in 2016 as the itch to mix and curate tunes for others could no longer be ignored.

Mr. EyesLee is Boston-based and has performed around New England, from Hartford, CT to Portland, ME, with numerous stops in between. January 2020 saw him headlining at elements (North America’s longest running DnB weekly) in Cambridge, MA. Since the Covid pandemic began, Mr. EyesLee has been curating a semi-monthly video digest of New England streaming DJs of all genres, called Eye on NE Streams, along with various online fundraiser and festival appearances. Since September 2020, he has a monthly mix series for the 24/7 online Be Well Festival/PBMTV focusing on different subgenera of dnb.”