Experimental Bass Music

Reno, Nevada, USA

MoreHugz Website

Born in Las Vegas Nevada, moved to Reno NV at a very young age, MoreHugz (Jerod Donoho) found a love for turn tables at 17 years old. Music has always been something he loved and is sincerely passionate about. After attending his fair share of raves in the Reno/Sacramento area since 2007, he experienced his first EDC in 2010 and it was then, that he knew this was the life he wanted to pursue.

There soon after he moved to San Francisco, where it all began. Morehugz started small, in his bedroom, where he was self-taught and attended shows to carefully observe his fellow DJ’s. He took what he learned each night and applied it to his work to find his own musical chemistry and create his own style. Eventually leading to studio sesh after studio sesh in the Bay Area with his best friend Peej, and learning the ways of ableton.

Morehugz found his way back to the Reno area as a respected DJ/beat creator and he’s been making huge waves in his local scene, as well as preforming shows all over the best of the West side; from California, Nevada, Denver and even reaching as far out as some Iowa cities. He has shared the stage with many amazing producers in the game, such as: Zeke Beats, DMVU, CHASE MANHATTAN, Ahee, Mt. Analogue, Ion and many others.

He joined The Biggest Little Collective in April 2021 and has since then released new music with his partners with much, much more to come. Don’t sleep on this artist, nothing but fire coming from his grasps!