Mind Manifesting Art

Mind Manifesting Art by Kayla Luna

Three Dimensional Black Light Art

Sacramento, CA


“What you project into the world is what you will receive.” That’s exactly what motivates Kayla to keep creating energy that will feed the mind. To understand where this strong force of light stems from you’ll have to look a little closer. Growing up Sacramento California, she lived a life few would come out of with a positive mind set. She grew up in a house hold where substance abuse was present and spite her unforgiving upbringing, she has transformed disaster into beauty, creating harmony.

The art she designs has been said to be a portal to another dimension. How she creates these portals is a mind satisfying trip that you will want to experience for yourself. She formulates her ideas bringing her visions to an existence using art as a platform. Black light art is what she specializes in. She uses string to construct geometric shapes, spray painting landscapes that formulate a psychedelic effect, and up-cycling just about anything that has texture and strong structure. Having outer space in mind, she harnesses the power of her imagination to take you out of this world to another universe.