micah ofstedahl

Micah Ofstedahl

Born in 1982, in Austin, Minnesota, Micah’s early memories of connecting with the creative process began at an early age. From asking his parents for the White-Out when he went outside the lines in his coloring books to later finding inspiration from M.C. Escher and Salvador Dali.

Micah took as many art classes as he could in high school and would go on to win the Artist of the Year award as a senior, which propelled him to pursue a BFA at Minnesota State University, Mankato. There, Micah focused on sculpture and ceramics which would later inform his clean, organic, surreal work in acrylic.

A fascination with anatomy and other biological forms – including the stylized 19th century illustrations of Ernst Haeckel – spurred the biological surrealism Micah delved into for a decade. The Oregon-based artist took a turn recently into “altered realism”, where his hyper-realistic landscapes are distorted by otherwise invisible forms and patterns.