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Our on-demand service can only accommodate original content. Live content does not need to abide by this legal restriction.


Our on-demand service can only accommodate original content. Live content does not need to abide by this legal restriction. If you say yes to this question, PLEASE NAME YOUR FILES WITH YOUR ARTIST NAME AND THE NAME OF YOUR SET OR SHOW AND EPISODE NUMBER to Dropbox using the email


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To all the artist and supporters of Public Broadcasting Music Television;

We are just over one year into our broadcast network and we are working very hard to create a new site you will all be excited about and proud to be a member. In 2023, we are launching a new PBMTV website that will have lots of new functionality to experience.

  • OnDemand Video Library - For all our original music artists, we will have an OnDemand Video Library where you will be able to create your own channel, very similar to YouTube. Your OnDemand Library Selections will all appear on your profile page for easy access.
  • Live PBMTV Stream Keys - For our DJs and live performances, every artist will get their own PBMTV stream key which will broadcast to their profile page every time they go live.
  • Recordings Of Live Streams - All our Live Streaming content that goes through the PBMTV server will get an unedited copy of that video for their own personal use. 100% Original Content will be added to the OnDemand Library.
  • ASCAP and BMI Broadcast Music License - Our network is covered by both the ASCAP and BMI Music Licenses, which means all content leaving our server and IP are also covered.
  • Restream Option - Joining our network does not mean you need to leave your current platforms. We have the ability to stream your PBMTV Stream Key to any site with your current stream key. This will embed the PBMTV logo into your current streams and cover you by our license.
  • PBMTV Event Calendar - Every artist will have the opportunity to enter all their events into an online calendar that will be the largest events calendar with the most diversity in the world.
  • Edit Your Profile Page - Up until now, we have entered each of the artist profiles on our own. With the new website, you will be able to create your own profile page and edit it when you like.
  • Social Media Links - Our artists will be able to enter all their social media links to their profile page. This can include links to event pages for ticket sales, or your personal artist website.
  • DONATIONS DIRECT TO YOUR FAVORITE WALLET APP - PBMTV is a network built for and curated by artists on our roster. This means that we are so excited for each of our artist members to be a part of this growing network, that you get 100% of your donation from fans.

Other projects that we are working on building to add in the future of our network:
  • Live Streaming Festival Coverage - PBMTV is partnering with a number of festivals so that we may record their stages for the growing PBMTV Library. With enough festival partners, we can approach satellite internet providers for a sponsorship to help provide live coverage of the events.
  • Professional Music Licensing - PBMTV will be partnering with a Music Licensing Firm to provide an avenue to getting PBMTV Member Artists music licensed and offered to film and TV.
  • Message Forums - Want to connect with other artists or members who are fans through PBMTV? We will have a section for online forums, collaborative art projects, event bookings, and more.
  • Product Discounts Through Our Sponsors - PBMTV is seeking out sponsors from companies our artists support. Those Sponsorships with PBMTV will include product discounts for all members.
  • Product Discounts Through Our Non-Profit - As a 501c3 Non-Profit Membership Network, PBMTV will provide all members with the same discounts we enjoy as a nonprofit organization.
  • PBMTV Events - As our organization grows, we will want to plan incredible events that will amaze our fans and members. Our Artists will get the first options for booking at those events.
To launch this new site and potentially reach a much wider audience, we are working on producing a three day 48 hour Pledge Drive over Thanksgiving weekend. We would like to know who among our PBMTV Talent Roster would like to perform live for this event, who would like to send in a recorded performance, who would like to launch a new music video or album release! We would like to pack as much into this event as possible. And we would like you to help us promote it. With artists performing live from around the world, this has the opportunity to be our largest audience yet. And we would like you to help make that possibility a reality. Please contact us right away to get your content on our Pledge Drive Schedule.