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Mark Henson

Visual Art – Drawings, Live Painting, Interviews and Powerpoint classes

Lake County, Northern California, USA

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Mark Henson was born and raised in Northern California, and attended school there, receiving a Bachelor’s degree in studio art  from the University of California, Davis in 1973. He has been a professional artist of some sort ever since, working alone and collaboratively creating Gallery exhibitions, Festival and Event productions, Poster and graphic designs, and pursuing his studio work.  While known primarily as an oil painter he also enjoys working in a variety of other mediums, and has made a variety of artistic explorations using wood, metal and clay. He also enjoys creating art on a computer, as well as drawing and printmaking in the 20th century manner. Mark exhibits his work internationally, and his imagery can be seen in many places on the internet, often as memes posted by people of all sorts of philosophical persuasions. He has co-founded several gallery ventures, and has traveled extensively in Asia, latin America and Europe. He has been a guest teacher at the Vienna Academy of Visionary art where he was introduced to many excellent artists and began to exhibit in Europe. Working with art associates such as Tribe 13, Vision Train and Dreams & Divinities, he intends to continue in his efforts to build a global network of artists working together.  Mark was one of the first artists to “live paint” , creating original art onstage at gatherings and music festivals. When not at work in his Sacred Light Studio, he will still occasionally paint before the public, and also gives lectures and workshops worldwide, in person or through digital media.. Mark presently makes his home in rural Lake County, California.