Manifest Your Reality with Bosskatie

Manifest Your Reality with Bosskatie

Occasionally throughout the week and On-Demand when available

United States

Host: Bosskatie

Have you ever wondered if you’re truly living your best life? Do you sometimes feel stuck, anxious, overwhelmed, or confused about whether or not you’re on the right path? On Manifest with Bosskatie, Bosskatie takes you through her spiritual journey of manifesting her dream life, and she shares tips and wisdom that she has learned along the way to help inspire you on your own path. She uses vlog style content to take you along the process of her manifestations as they unfold. During the livestream, she answers your questions about manifestation, law of attraction, and anything else you may be wondering about the way that Universal Laws can work for you.

Join her on Thursdays at 9pm PST for a comedic, educational, inspirational and community driven segment, all inspired by festivals and the culture of PLUR.

You can find more content by Bosskatie on YouTube and Instagram @bosskatie. Join her community and watch the magic unfold!