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Low The Ghost

Resident at Lifeform Productions

Deep DubStep

Santa Rosa, CA, USA

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Low The Ghost is an experimental bass music enthusiast from Santa Rosa California. Focusing on low end frequencies with touch of psychedelic atmospheric and rhythmic tones, beeps and boops. Low is gradually crawling out of the lurked darkness and has gotten the attention of some of the most amazing artists in the game. He plans to continue on his journey through sound allowing change to guide his way and manifest top notch sounds. He is also known for his dark black and white aroma in his live sets.

When Low first started his music career, he couldn’t fathom what he was about to unveil. Being inspired by music was something that started from day one. In 2019, Low was inspired to start a production company called Lifeform Productions. Lifeform reprezents love, art and music culture. After building a stable foundation, he then devolped the most amazing family anyone could ask for. By 2022 presently, Lifeform has an amazing atmosphere and Low’s dreams were starting to manifest into reality.

Low is currently looking to further his relationship with the entire community and push Deep Dubstep and other various genres of music. There is no limitations with this artist. He continues to go above and beyond for the community and the people he surrounds himself with. One thing he involves with his journey is growth. Being able to connect through the arts leads him to be extremely greatful for life in general. It is absolutely incredible that he has the opportunity to share music with others. Welcome to Low The Ghost.