lita lotus

Lita Lotus

Multigenre DJ/Producer

Denver, Colorado, USA

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LitaLotus is a She/They DJ/Producer from California now residing in Denver, Colorado. They are known for their drippy Dubstep, internet presence, and her moral compass in the Bass music community. Coming from the Bay Area and starting off as a concert/ festival photographer for 6+ years, she has since worked her way north, while working her way through the entirety of the West Coast Bass culture music scene at same time.

After her home burned down in 2018, she took her love of Dubstep and rose like a phoenix from the ashes to begin to create something fresh for the scene, and as a DJ herself. Consequently, they has been a strong contender for the list of upcoming names in bass, finally getting well deserved recognition playing alongside names like Ternion Sound, Mythm, The Widdler, Pushloop and Onhell.

Now, she is also the Operations Coordinator for The WiddFam Label and the Digital Content Manager for Deep Dark and Dangerous. Lita is here to help pave the way for many upcoming artists in the dubstep scene including herself. Providing illuminating blends and fun, “risky” doubles in her sets by showcasing various labels and their artists, she has surely caught the attention of anyone who has heard her play. They hold a strong, consistent presence on Twitch, and has a loyal social media following; both of which have helped to culminate in her bringing members of the scene together, while also showcasing their vitality, persistence and hunger for their craft and priority in the upliftment of this community.