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  • StationManager : To open day two we have Bloomurian! Thank you Robin for supporting us! We are so happy to have you as a part of this...
  • Paranoid Space : hello really good psytrance dj set.
  • Paranoid Space : greatings from mexico.
  • StationManager : Thank you so much for joining us at PBMTV today for URL! Click on the link above to get your free membership to join the chat, or to become a paying member, please check out our membership options below! PBMTV, music television for OUR generation!
  • StationManager : PBMTV's very own Live Production Show is back! Engineer of Sound with EOS!
  • Basscontroll : test 1234
  • StationManager : hey Basscontroll
  • StationManager : Your show starts in about 30 minutes
  • Basscontroll : Yeah ๐Ÿ™‚ will be a awesome ride
  • Basscontroll : oooh my cam did not record the beginning
  • Basscontroll : Deep is all you need ๐Ÿ™‚
  • StationManager : Beautiful BassControll!
  • StationManager : At least your visuals are smooth ๐Ÿ˜‰
  • Basscontroll : yeah and the sound is perfect
  • Basscontroll : i need a better webcam my phone over the internet is not keeping pace
  • TomB : Thanks PBMTV! Been checking out yer stuff all weekend. Looking very much forward to next Sunday's SuperStation show!!
  • Mr.EyesLee : Thanks for hanging through some technical difficulties
  • StationManager : WOOHOO! Captain!
  • StationManager : Get your FREE Membership and JOIN in the chat by clicking the link above the stream!
  • SQWURL : Killing it CAPTAIN!!
  • TomB : watching now.
  • TomB : I'm a critical fella; take that for what you will. But this audio and VJ (Bubblewrap stuff which I generally dig) don't work together. It's probably a simple enough bit to filter the visual through some type of audio-reactive to hit the points it needs to
  • StationManager : Thank you for the input. We are getting more visual artist onboard and this was a last minute addition.
  • TomB : Dig it.
  • TomB : coolio. seems like we might have it dialed in now...
  • StationManager : Took a little bit, but yes!
  • StationManager : Live television! What can we do but our best ๐Ÿ˜‰
  • TomB : it's a conversation for off-chat, but I completely empathize!
  • TomB : ...like the crunchy groove...
  • TomB : without reservation, I can say I'm digging the Zephyr! set. The audio. The visuals are simply getting in his way
  • TomB : Thank you Zephyr!! Fine and most fine. Now what...we got the double day kids until 2am then Chris Dyer...yes!
  • TomB : Here we go!!
  • TomB : ..getting there...'
  • TomB : I'm a-synchro, but I'd love to know who's producing this piece..
  • StationManager : Manafex is the producer
  • TomB : I'm also a passive-aggressive satirist
  • TomB : but my comments are truly meant for the artists knocking out the stuff right now. I'm sure some are more "chatty" than others during a live performance..
  • StationManager : that is what we are shooting for
  • TomB : sure...the opportunity to talk / converse with the artists while they're plying their trade...that's fun!!
  • TomB : Hell, when I do a live show I take all requests (and play some)
  • KUTT3R : Yo! wicked wed in affect
  • StationManager : Thanks for joining us this evening KUTT3R! Your set is coming up next ๐Ÿ™‚
  • KUTT3R : What do y'all think?
  • StationManager : This is SWEEEEET!
  • StationManager : thank you KUTT3R
  • TomB : my first time checking out Chris Dyer's show...
  • TomB : so what he's a cousin of Rockefeller?
  • TomB : Soon we'll have a more involved audience whom are chatting and discussing these issues
  • TomB : Yes , the positive content.
  • TomB : show's missing the 2-pop
  • TomB : looking forward to next week's show
  • TomB : thanks Chris!
  • TomB : my first time checking out the "Before They Were Movies" show...
  • teknofile9 : Cheers!!
  • EV : Sexy Sunday!
  • jackmcdevitt : I won't lie, I loved that last track.
  • jackmcdevitt : I want to play it again with an accapella
  • Mr.EyesLee : Hey everyone, welcome to Mr. EyesLee's Playground. Tonight I've got new DnB releases and some forgotten gems from the past few months. Thanks for tuning in and enjoy!
  • Mr.EyesLee : Just a couple more tracks tonight. Thanks everyone for tuning in!
  • ellatrash : Yes! It's almost ๐Ÿ…!!!tOmAtO_tImE!!!๐Ÿ…
  • StationManager : Hey Ella! Looking forward to another installment!
  • ellatrash : Just noticed the giant booty behind me!
  • StationManager : LOL
  • ellatrash : How ya'll doing out there?
  • StationManager : Enjoying the show! I wish it were less quiet in the chat, but we are brand new and most of our viewers at this hour are probably not speaking or writing much english. We are working on a live translator for the chat.
  • ellatrash : Thanks for hosting and being awesome!
  • StationManager : Thank you for being a contributor and so awesome! This channel is what it is because of artist like you ๐Ÿ™‚
  • ellatrash : I just got a habdful of grey skittles from the bouncer
  • StationManager : what do those taste like?
  • ellatrash : on the packlage It said during pride month, there's only one rainbow that matters.
  • StationManager : awww...
  • ellatrash : wanna guess what this flavor will be?
  • StationManager : im going to say cherry
  • ellatrash : let's see!
  • ellatrash : orange
  • StationManager : lol
  • StationManager : at least its not a harry potter flavor of like flem
  • ellatrash : I got a couple lols from you tonight ๐Ÿ™‚
  • ellatrash : Must be doing something right
  • ellatrash : Here comes an original track... next up..
  • StationManager : you're a producer too?
  • ellatrash : ya
  • ellatrash : I'll give a little more context later
  • StationManager : I really like this
  • StationManager : Going to fade you out right at 2
  • ellatrash : last ttrack.. im fading it out at 2:00 too (tutu?)
  • StationManager : beautiful ending... lovely track
  • ellatrash : thanks!!
  • fuzzy : What's this then?
  • StationManager : Hello fuzzy... what is what?
  • fuzzy : Hi StationManager. Just wondering if the chat was live! You were mentioned on ClownFest.
  • StationManager : Yes! We are a part of the ClownArmy!
  • StationManager : We are a brand new channel so not many chatting members yet. Most of our audience doesnt speak english, that I can tell, so we are working on getting a chat translator to get more engagement!
  • fuzzy : Excellent! Best festival going ๐Ÿ˜€
  • Basscontroll : Hija good morning/ evening
  • Mr.EyesLee : Hey everyone! Thanks you to Clownfest for a great afternoon of music! I'm Mr. EyesLee and this is my Playground, testing out new dnb every Sunday 7-9PM EDT here on PBMTV.
  • Mr.EyesLee : hope everyone is enjoying tonight. got a few extra tunes for you tonight!
  • Eos : feel free to email questions to [email protected]
  • Eos : english spanish or french will work!
  • p : ez
  • p : who's the DJ right now?
  • p : pbmtv logo is awesome--great job
  • NeatoKewl : it is quite nice, isn't it?
  • Basscontroll : hija folks
  • Basscontroll : my show will start in 15 minutes
  • Mr.EyesLee : Hey everyone! Time for another episode of Mr. EyesLee's Playground!
  • Cade : sounding good Ryan!
  • Mr.EyesLee : Thanks Cade!
  • Cade : yes Ryan!!
  • Cade : beautiful mix
  • Basscontroll : yeah https://basscontrollism.com
  • Basscontroll : ^^for demos^^^^
  • Basscontroll : https://deadgroovymusic.com/wooop
  • Basscontroll : ^^^^for demos to deadgroovymusic^^^^^
  • Basscontroll : https://deadgroovymusic.com/
  • Basscontroll : Lolzz enjoy guys happy new week
  • Sym_B_Osis : locked in
  • Mr.EyesLee : Welcome to Mr. EyesLee's Playground, with the latest in DnB new releases liquid and lighter. Coming at you a little early tonight, and maybe staying late ๐Ÿ˜‰
  • StationManager : Thank you for your live set Mr.EyesLee! Exciting things on the horizon ๐Ÿ™‚ Keep it locked to PBMTV.org!
  • Basscontroll : nice vibe ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Mr.EyesLee : thanks BassControll!
  • Sym_B_Osis :
  • Sym_B_Osis : so smooth
  • Sym_B_Osis : OOoooo! this vocal
  • Mr.EyesLee : Henry & Gemma Rose - Here to Stay
  • Sym_B_Osis : thanks ^_6
  • Mr.EyesLee : I appreciate everyone still locked in! lots of good dnb to come!
  • Sym_B_Osis :
  • Sym_B_Osis : * all the heart emojis
  • Sym_B_Osis : this whole mix is a VIBE!!!
  • Mr.EyesLee : Thanks for staying tuned in!!
  • Sym_B_Osis : my pleasure ^_^
  • Sym_B_Osis : Great set ^_^
  • Mr.EyesLee : Just a few more tracks tonight. Tune in next week 7-9PM EDT for another episode if you enjoyed what you heard tonight!
  • Sym_B_Osis : love the visuals set up ^_^
  • StationManager : Thank you... Omari does a great job with his show..
  • StationManager : Thank you for tuning in Sym_B_Osis...
  • StationManager : And thank you for becoming a member ๐Ÿ™‚
  • Sym_B_Osis : My Pleasure ^_^
  • Sym_B_Osis : LARGE
  • ellatrash : Heya! welcome to ๐Ÿ›ฐInternational Bass Station 51~โšก๏ธBรผRรฑรŽล„G//BrรgHtER๐Ÿ”ฅ
  • StationManager : WOOHOO!!! Thank you Ella! So excited to have you back!
  • ellatrash : Glad to be back!! Labor day here we gooooo!
  • ellatrash : It's a new moon too, by the way ๐ŸŒš
  • ellatrash : tarot today: 3 of pentacles, Queen of Pentacles and 8 of wands
  • StationManager :
  • StationManager : Thank you
  • StationManager : my emojis arent working
  • StationManager : LOL
  • ellatrash : ๐Ÿ˜…
  • ellatrash : It's our bartenders birthday today!
  • ellatrash : Last Call!
  • StationManager : Thank you so much Ella for another amazing show! We are going to end a little early tonight. Have a great rest of your night and see you next week for more International Bass Station!
  • StationManager : LAST CALL!!!
  • ellatrash : Good night!
  • Captain : Love these KrispFM sets
  • Captain : Blunter S Whompson coming in hot for his first show on PBMTV!
  • Basscontroll : Wooop woop icecream
  • StationManager : Hey everyone!
  • StationManager : THANK YOU SALEX! So glad you are BACK!
  • lowkeydoom : โ™ฅ๏ธ
  • lowkeydoom : Diggin this
  • StationManager : URL is the TRL of PBMTV ๐Ÿ™‚
  • SALEX : BIg ups sirens!!
  • Sym_B_Osis : YO!!!!! with the fucking Zelda Remix!!! YAAAAASSS
  • Sym_B_Osis : Smooth Vibes
  • StationManager : Flip Side Crew is usually every Saturday from 2-6 but today we had the Siren Project Fundraiser.
  • Safiyah : THANK YOU AGAIN for making my night!!!!!
  • Jswizza : Thank you for tuning in!
  • Jswizza : Anyone in San Jose, Notorious PIG and I are playing a silent disco tomorrow 10a-3p outside Mexican Heritage Plaza. MHP is one of the main hubs for Viva Calle!
  • Safiyah : Awwwwwww, wish I lived near you all. I'm on Vancouver island B.CJust so stoked I can hear you on PBMTV!!!
  • StationManager : Hey Safiyah! Long time no see!
  • StationManager : You missed the Siren Project fundraiser today. It was amazing. Lots of new things happening. Thank you for your continued support
  • Safiyah : Awwwwwwww, thanks so much!!!! I do pop on and off too much work but I'll have some more time again next month!!! Love you all!!!
  • Safiyah : Nina Kravitz WOW!!!!!!!
  • lowkeydoom : โค๏ธโ€๐Ÿฉน
  • Safiyah : Thank you Lowkey!!!! Super cool set!!!!!
  • Sym_B_Osis : hiyas Fam ^_^
  • Sym_B_Osis : lmk if u can hear the mic please
  • Sym_B_Osis : computer's overheating a bit, lol
  • Sym_B_Osis : thanks thow watching ^_^
  • Sym_B_Osis : *for, lol
  • Mr.EyesLee : Hey everyone it's Mr. EyesLee here with another episode of Mr. EyesLee's Playground. Tonight I've got a bunch of new liquid DnB on tap, but we're gonna start down around 160 bpm and work our way there. Thank you Sym-B-Osis for a great set!
  • Sym_B_Osis : Thanks ^_^
  • Sym_B_Osis : locked, gotta go grab dinner, but i'll be bak in a few
  • Sym_B_Osis : YES YES!
  • Mr.EyesLee : Thanks for listening everyone!!
  • Safiyah : Loving this set, thank you!!!!!
  • ellatrash : Whats up!!
  • ellatrash : glad to be here on this full moon in Aries! Equinox magic!
  • ellatrash : Three card read: Judgement, 9 of cups and Strength
  • ellatrash : Bye Everyone!
  • filmzombi : What's up?
  • Dulcedeejay : Yo
  • StationManager : Hello there everyone!
  • StationManager : Thanks for joining us this evening fimzombi and Ducedeejay
  • Legionofbass : Aye letโ€™s get it!
  • KUTT3R : Yoooo
  • KUTT3R : Love this entertainment
  • KUTT3R : This is sick AF! Should have links to all artists pages on here.

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