geri littlejohn

Geri Littlejohn

Musical Journeys through the Spiral of Time: meditative sound journey led by flutes made from Trees (every 6 weeks in the gateways of the equinoxes, solstices, and cross quarters of the solar year) The Dark Moon meditative sound journey, also through led by flutes made from Trees.

Williams, Oregon

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Geri says that “Nature speaks to us in whispers on the wind, in the songs of birds, through flute song, through silence. The spirit that Geri brings to any setting, one has no choice but to float in-between and above the words and really feel into the textures of any given environment.” Geri really does play in Service to Life every day: she sings songs of gratitude to the Land and Creation, as sonic support for All Life, musical Prayers of gratitude for the Ancestors, the Elementals, and Humanity – those living now and the unborn yet to be.

Geri does her best to become that hollow bone, allowing the flutes to carry us on our own journey where we can access whatever it is that we need in this moment. Her musical offerings are an invitation to settle into the heart and embody peace, love, balance, and harmony brought to us by the wisdom of the trees and her breath through the flutes she has been making for 30 years in sacred reciprocity.

Geri now crafts flutes in sets of 64, attuned to the seasons. The individuals receiving those flutes are now woven into a Circle of relationship through the flutes to explore what is possible when all approach the instruments as the microcosm of Nature that they are.