Original Music – Live Hardware Music Production

Honolulu, Hawaii, USA

Firesoup Soundcloud

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Coming in hot!! Straight from the underground art scene of Honolulu comes a supremely engaging and intelligent artist who wow’s crowds with his world-class fire art skills, and live analog hardware performances featuring an array of gear including Samplers, Synthesizers and Drum machines Firesoup’s 100% original 100% live music is a rare treat indeed. Experience the Flames beneath this artists incredible passion for manifesting the best of the best creations! One would be hard-pressed not to feel the influence of this Dynamic performer, choreographer, music producer, fire artist, and leading entertainer. He delights crowds around the world with his especially magical cutting-edge totally live beats! A Sonic Sorcerer, as well as a Superconductor for the Fire and Visionary Artist Movement. His influence in nearly every facet of this close Community is deeply tangible, bringing people together and igniting memorable experiences beyond our wildest imaginations. Experience Firesoup as he throws down a wide spectrum of diversified beats spanning across the realms of techno, break beats, hip hop, psy, and all around banging bass, perfectly woven together for your personal delights. The one and only Firesoup!