The Break Doctor


Delivering to his listeners Techno and / Or Ghetto House, Techno, and electro DJ stream


EJ-BEATS “Only Bangers” As his branding suggests, EJ-BEATS consistently cements himself into the hearts and minds of his audience through his powerful, industrious, yet dynamic and fluid sets. EJ’s beats are capable of testing the limits of any sound system while his melodies inspire rhythmic footwork among the crowds! EJ-BEATS came from humble beginnings emerging from the Californian House parties of his alma mater, however he continued captivating audiences with streams such as “Church of Techno” garnering fervent global fandom. Translating his online allure into the local scene has proven successful as well. EJ-BEATS has played various local parties and events, maintained regular rotation at a local bar, Fresbrew, and closed out venues such as Mint Nightclub in Fresno or Catch One in LA. EJ-BEATS holds nothing back, establishing himself as the act every club needs. Whether it be beltering techno, pumping electro, melodic house, or a mix of them all, EJ-BEATS impeccably completes the night every time.