Jungle Cruise with Corrine and Duchess


JUNGLE CRUISE : Drum and Bass Mondays with Corrine & Duchess

San Francisco, CA


Duchess began her journey as a deejay in the underground rave scene in 2017, and has since played shows and festivals across California. She’s opened for notable heavy hitters like Getter, Delta Heavy, and Nero. Duchess is taking the drum and bass scene by storm with her signature purple hair and high-energy sets guaranteed to get you grooving. Hailing from the Bay Area, this modern day genre bender flawlessly combines the old with the new. She performed nonstop throughout 2020 alongside her friend & mentor Corrine on their Drum and Bass Twitch livestream called Jungle Cruise- a weekly adventure full of good music and bad puns. As a deejay, her mission is to empower her fellow female artists and bring her colorful outlook the scene. Duchess is guaranteed to bring the heat and leave you wanting more.