DJane Psy Gear

DJane Psy Gear

Psychedelic Trance

Hyderabad, India

Welcome to Psy Gear Family! Psy Gear project, created in 2017 in Hyderabad (India), had a long experimental transition of psytrance music, started playing and mixing progressive, fullon, chillout psy, psy dubstep, dark psy, hitech in 2020, organizing parties and playing music. DJane Psy Gear is Owner and Founder of a Full Power Fashion Clothing Brand – Psy Gear started in 2017 – till present. Her renowned taste of handmade clothing art and love for the deep psy tribe, pushed her to give life to the rural handicraft villages helping them sell their art.

A unique mix of Psychedelic Trance music starts with Djane Psy Gear morphed into existence on the heaven beaches in Anjuna, Goa, India in 2017. Psy Gear started to travel around the world vlogging the experience and life, sharing on Youtube channel – Psy Gear and found many parties where to play around. Sharing all the Parvati Power, Psy Gear is currently playing & traveling the globe, performing her latest and greatest of the psytrance music from Dark Psy, Twilight to chillout Sunset to Sunrise Tunes.

Psy Gear made her debut gig scenes at UV Bar, Goa in 2021 Feb and many venues in Arambol, Goa as a resident DJ directly. Her finest style of Music is mesmerizing with her power dance moves capturing the light of source into Psytrance Beats made her move to Goa and learn more about different music styles and psychedelic fashion for a period of two months and playing continuously back to back in the gigs at the best party venues along the beach cliff side.

Experience the new Era of Psytrance music with Djane Psy Gear #psygear Live the Psytrance music and culture with us. Love and Light.


sy Gear Team