cptn jay

Cptn Jay

DJ, Music Producer, Event Producer with Airpusher Collective

Oakland, California, USA

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Cptn Jay has been bringing joy to dance floors in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond for over 20 years with unforgettable DJ sets, stand-out original releases, and the production of truly unique event experiences. Starting his journey in the early 90s Oakland rave scene with a handful of German techno tapes, The Captain has risen from dance music super fan to DJ to event producer to Burring Man them camp organizer to independent dance music label owner.

At his core, Cptn Jay lives to incite love and joy with his music, connect with the crowd, and take the dancefloor on a musical journey. Occupying a unique space between soaring melodic sounds, driving progressive, groovey European techno, and funky deep house, Jay’s music is filled with rich analog synthesis, bubling aprs, beautiful melodies, world rhythms, wonkey baselines and good vibes; tracks that are masterfully composed and selected with a certain refinement that has gotten him noticed as one of the West Coast’s rising underground talents. Obsessed with putting the “dance” back into “electronic dance music” Jay’s original music and DJ sets consistently move crowds to higher places on dance floors all over the world. From the deserts of Burning Man to the island of Ibiza, Cptn Jay has shared stages many of the world’s top DJ talent including Sven Vath, Carl Cox, Diplo, Claud Von Stroke, Tycho, Walker & Royce, Giome, DJ Dan, Developer, David Hohme, Soul Button, Miyagi, and many more.

Getting his name as the one of the co-founders and captains of influential Airpusher Collective, a beloved Burning Man mutant vehicle/airship/community/sound & events collective, Jay has been able to fully realize his two decades long quest of inspiring and connecting people through art, music, and dance with Airpusher. Over the past decade his parties have become known for their perfect blend of amazing music, infectious positivity, and creative flair across the spectrum from small undergrounds to big productions like the Steampunk Masquerade.

The COVID lockdown provided Jay the time and space to dive deeply into music production through modular synthesis, learning to literally create his own sound from the ground up. The results have been incredible, with his landmark first EP “Cptn Jay – Loves You (EP)” set to come out in May. Building on this new found passion for production and bringing more beautiful music into the world, 2023 is lining up to be a landmark year for the Captain as he’s also launching the independent dance music label “YES! Records”. The label’s mission is to uplift a multiracial selection of innovative artists who set the foundation for magical experiences among dance music lovers.

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