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DJ Chryptic (a.k.a. Chris Carey) was raised in the San Francisco and Oakland rave scene in the mid 90s and has appreciated, thoroughly enjoyed, and been a local patron of “good music” since he can remember. From Opera to Psytrance, if it has a good beat and he feels the vibe, pretty much anything is fair game. He can be seen “dancing” at local venues while not at work as a self-described “glorified electron plumber” any night of the week/end. The decision in 2019 to try his hand at being a DJ after so many years of just going to great parties and enjoying as a spectator has spawned what he considers as his most prolific hobby ever. Chris has also designed, installed, and nurtured underground sound systems in the SF bay area… often doing the work as a favor in support of his favorite local venues. Social media and even maintenance of his SoundCloud are admittedly an afterthought but he’s always striving to improve his personal marketing. If Chryptic could be granted one wish is would be that those who listen, view, or interact/dance to his performances are delighted and immersed in the moment – or that they let him know what could be changed such that they are.

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