Cat Taylor

Cat Taylor

Educational and Experiential Programming

Hughes Spring, TX

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“Cob Hill Natural building school was founded in 2018 by Cat Taylor. Cat has been involved in modern construction and remodeling for over 25 years. Although building was one of her main sources of income, her hobby and true talent is as an artist and sculptor. In 2015 Cat was designing and building a natural swimming pool for a client when she ran across an article online about cob houses.

It was then that natural building became her main focus.

Unfortunately, about the time she found a school to further her learning on the subject, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. For two years, and two surgeries Cat fought hard to get her health back, determined to build her a cob house before she passed on. During those two years she ordered and read every book she could get her hands on about natural building techniques. Finally when she felt strong enough, she signed up for a workshop in Oregon at Sustainable U, and Cob Cottage Company.

Her experience there showed her that this knowledge was much bigger than just building her home. There were so many people that could benefit from this knowledge! As soon as she returned from the workshop, her and her husband, who is a hundred percent disabled veteran, put their suburban house up for sale and bought 45 acres in the piney woods of Texas. She wasted no time in preparing to build her cob house, still going back and forth to Oregon workshops to help teach, and stay connected to her new natural building family.

Cat kicked off with her first workshop in May of 2018 and began her 2200 sq. ft. bale/cob home, and she has been building ever since. Although teaching the natural building is closest to her heart, so is doing some good with the knowledge she has acquired. In addition to holding workshops, she wanted to use the money from the classes to help Veterans and others in need.

In Early 2020 she acquired an internet based 501c non profit program. Merging it in with her programs, restructuring it and giving it a new name, she has created the opportunity to give veterans and their families a therapeutic refuge, and help educate and help special needs kids and adults.

Her hopes are to help empower Vets who are depending on only disability checks to be able to build a home on their own property. With teaching and the help of all of the natural building volunteers, she feels this would be a great help for depression and PTSD, as having a hand in building your own home is such an empowering feeling, and comes with such a sense of pride. Being an artist, Cat believes the best part of natural building, is you never stop learning!

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