atom one

Atom O.N.E.

DJ and Event Producer for National Unity

Sacramento, California, USA

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Not only being able to walk into any stage and execute a killer set, Atom O.N.E. is also a man whom name carries adoration and recognition far beyond the DJ mixer. For many years he has been aiding his helping hand in organizing electronic dance music events that benefited established charities such as: SPCA animal shelters, Sacramento Food Bank, Red Cross, and the Salvation Army. “No matter what style of music, it all carries an indescribable feeling. An essence, a feeling of happiness and it drowns the world out around you. I can only be a messenger of these emotions as I express that when performing for a crowd.” As Atom ONE graces our listening ears with every performance, he brings forth an energy that the audience can not only hear, but our souls can feel.

Quoted from UH-1 Video Production Services: “I may be a bit late on this observation but Atom O.N.E. has great things going for him. He not only is an energetic DJ, but is also really dynamic/diverse with each set. Furthermore, Atom is gifted with creativity. It does not end on the stage. In addition to his stage presence, modern technology has bridge the gap between musician and fan, and Atom utilizes social networking to the point where it seems like he has a one to one relationship with all of his fans. Kudos to you, sir. I can only document the momentum as it continues to move strong.”

Atom O.N.E. has been playing with DJ’s from across the globe for over a decade. Such artists include: Uberzone, Bassbin Twins, Designer Drugs, Christopher Lawerance, Richard Vision, Datsik, LA Riots, Ak1200, and many more. All along these artists, his musical journey has taken him across the U.S. to cities and states such as: Colorado, New Jersey, Nevada, Los Angles, Eugene & Bend Oregon, and many more. In this time he has released five produced tracks on various labels. Having an elcectic musical taste, Atom ONE prefers to mix Breaks, Dubstep, Drum & Bass / jungle, and old school hip-hop mash-ups.

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