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Amber The DJ

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San Francisco, California, USA

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San Francisco-based Amber is a DJ, producer, and ambassador for female DJs and uncompromising hard techno. Active as a DJ since the 1990s, Amber has played thousands of appearances across the United States and around the world.

Amber was drawn to hard techno thanks to musical influences from her family and exposure to the remarkable San Francisco rave scene. In the 2000s, she released four mix CDs on her own label, iamthedj Recordings. Her remixes were featured on compilations including “Altered Evidence: Late night Remixes.” More recently, she has increasingly focused on digital releases and livestreams alongside live events.

Amber co-founded NorCal DJ and Music Production Academy in San Francisco. She was also a guest lecturer at UC Santa Cruz and for the UCLA Graduate School of Musicology course on “The History of Electronic Music.” In the 2000s, she co-hosted :CODE, a nightlife and electronic music television show broadcast in the San Francisco Bay Area. The series was closely tied to her weekly event of the same name at DNA Lounge. Amber has been featured in two documentary films, Generation E and Vinyl is a Girl’s Best Friend, and has has served as a resource for the non-fiction book The Complete History of American Music and the fictional DJ tale Couch World.

Amber has appeared at leading venues throughout San Francisco and internationally. She also remains active in the underground scene, including performances with Unison and Friends & Family.

“The hunt for goosebumps motivates me. That, and connecting with the people listening and dancing. Something about it all is life-affirming. We need to be exuberant and awe-struck from time to time. For many of us, electronic music accomplishes that.” – Amber

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