Public Broadcasting Music Television is a non-profit, commercial-free, contribution-based, membership-funded, broadcast network. Public Broadcasting Music Television provides an ongoing and commercial-free audio/video broadcast platform for artists from all cultures to virtually share their art to an international audience. The PBMTV platform is international community-driven programming that includes visual art, music, live stream events, education, comedy, drama, embodiment practices, healing workshops, experiential learning, and more. Gain access to our vast database of streaming content from our network of video streaming partners around the world directly from live events, artists, DJs, performers, and live-stream content providers through our Membership Program.

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck the world, and more specifically the artist community, it left millions of people who were actively creating a living through their art with few options to sustain themselves. Many of them have adapted to things the best they can. What seemed to be lacking in this “new way of things” was a place for artists to come together to share their art to an audience that can appreciate the beauty and message of that offering. Many businesses are working on adapting to new and innovative ways to bring in dollars to their events. Because of this, many artists were left out of online event bookings. And the Be Well Festival was born with a 12-hour-a-day schedule and a 12-hour replay creating the 24/7 schedule. The Be Well Festival was a platform that helped to create the abundance needed for our artist community without a commercial mindset and the goal of profit. The Be Well Festival was open to all types of artists and amassed a library of over 400 artists from all over the world who performed from their launch on June 1st, 2020, to the Finale on December 31st, 2020.

Originally, the Be Well Festival was intended to be a three month long Summer festival. As COVID raged on, it was decided to continue it indefinitely. As we moved into the fourth and fifth months, we developed Public Broadcasting Music Television as the ongoing entity the Be Well Festival would evolve into. PBMTV is a 24/7 online streaming internet television station dedicated to providing a stage for the arts in all its forms to be shared with the world. On August 1st, 2021, PBMTV launched its new membership-based streaming platform to open ourselves to a larger audience and more art related content, 40 years after the launch of MTV, PBMTV brings its new 24/7 streaming platform to the world.

PUBLIC BROADCASTING MUSIC TELEVISION music television for our generation

Our Team

Corey Rosen

Founder & Station Manager

James Kapicka

CFO & Yoga Instructor

Stephanie Sage

Non-Profit Consultant

Boenobo Zjo



Public Broadcasting Music Television is a non-profit, commercial-free, contribution-based, membership-funded, broadcast network. For this reason, we have provided all our pertinent information to the general public. We provide this information to more than just our members in the hopes that it will generate more interest in those considering becoming members. If there is any information you would like that in not provided here, please contact us so we may add it. Thank you for your interest in PBMTV.

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