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23 Odd Cats

Rhythm & Slime

New Jersey, U.S.A.

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Born and raised in India, currently based out of New York, moved here from Oakland in 2018. Been exposed to diverse music since childhood and hence been making music most of my life. 23 Odd Cats’s venture into bass music started as Karma thieves back in 2015 which gave way to a side project as Barefoot. After taking a little time off and experimenting with newer music production styles which didn’t fit into Karma thieves or Barefoot.

Eventually the project 23 Odd Cats was born… With roots based in heavy metal bands Iron Maiden, Metallica and RATM are always a go to for getting inspiration for some dope bass and drum patterns but 23 Odd cats also grew up listening to a lot of Indian musicians like A.R.Rahman, Bally Sagoo, Ilayaraja and so on.

So hence from 23 Odd cats you can expect a lot of wubby experimental weird bass tunes with a healthy dose of melodies.

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